Completed research

หมวดหมู่: Accomplished research

- Applying the SVD method to analyze the NIR absorbent signal for quantifying the weevil in rice stock (Dr. Prasan Chunjaiharn advise 1 doctoral student)

- Development of DRC meter for rubber latex (Dr. Vasu Udompetaikul cooperate with Dr. Panmanas Sirisomboon)
- Evaluation of commercial quality parameters of field and concentrated Para rubber latex by near infrared spectroscopy. (adviser for 1 master students and 1 group of bachelor students).
- Determination of sweetness and lycopene content of water melon by near infrared spectroscopy  (adviser for a master student).
- Evaluation of papaya maturity and texture by Near Infrared spectroscopy (cooperate with Associate Prof. Munehiro Tanaka, Saga University, Japan).
- Study of oil content and thermal properties of J. curcas kernels using NIRS (adviser for master student).
- Application of near infrared spectroscopy for determination of molds and mycotoxins in agricultural products (cooperate with Dr. Cheewanun Dachoupakan, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand).
- Evaluation of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and gamma oryzanol in germinated brown rice by near infrared spectroscopy (advise 1 doctoral student).
- Evaluation of eating quaility and commercial parameters of rice in export rice industry by near infrared spectroscopy (advise 1 doctoral student and 3 master students). 
- Evaluation of histamine of fresh sardine fish and salt content of canned sardine fish using near infrared spectroscopy (advise 1 master student and 1 group of bachelor students).

- Evaluation of maturity and quality of Durian using near infrared spectroscopy (advise 1 doctoral student)

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